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Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace


You Can Resolve Conflict Today

Whether you are the type of person who likes to tackle a problem head-on or you prefer to stay in the background and let others take the lead, you can be an instrumental part of resolving the conflict that is around you right now. Whether it is through soliciting advice from others around you, taking a strong stance about your opinions or beliefs, or you attempt to find the common ground in a conflict, these 5 methods can help you solve any conflict today instead of letting it fester and grow.

Conflict Resolution Through Avoidance

Does it really matter in the long run if something gets done a specific way? Do the negative outcomes of a confrontation seem like they are more likely to happen than any positive outcomes? One of the easiest ways to resolve conflict is to avoid it entirely. Though this means letting go of your own perspective potentially, the benefit is that you’re removing yourself from the event, which removes the potential for conflict.

Conflict Resolution Through Compromise

Compromise is a place where both sides of a conflict get a little bit of what they want, but they don’t get everything they want. This is a particularly effective method of conflict resolution when you’ve got two very strong opinions battling with each other. If a big decision needs to be reached quickly, compromise can help the entire team step forward with everyone feeling like they contributed a little bit to the process.

Conflict Resolution Through Collaboration

Whenever conflict arises, there is a root cause to that conflict. Instead of treating the symptoms, collaboration works to resolve the root issue of the disease. This helps to improve difficult relationships so that a consensus can be arrived at and all the parties involved can feel good about the solution. The downside is that collaboration often takes up a lot of time.

Conflict Resolution Through Accommodation

Similar to avoidance, conflict resolution through accommodation means taking a step back and letting go of part of your own perspective. This step backwards can create goodwill and a positive relationship that may give you an advantage later on! This is also the step to take if you believe that your position is the weaker one of the group’s or if you believe you may lose in the conflict because it allows you to still participate.

Conflict Resolution Through Competition

When you have to move quickly and you can’t come to a compromise, competition becomes an individualized method of resolving conflict. Though people don’t work together when competing against each other, the outcome is often a good one because the best result out of all of the ones proposed is utilized.

How do you resolve conflicts? Can you use this information to resolve the conflicts that are circling around you today?

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