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Most Effective Construction Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Most Effective Construction Advertising and Marketing Ideas

How to Advertise Your Construction Company

Although television ads used to be top-of-the-line advertising for construction companies, social media, trade print and event marketing are now the most popular ways in which to advertise. However, Trade Print (a newspaper or magazine) is 17.2% ahead of Social Media Media Marketing in effectiveness. Event Marketing is a close second. Phone books have the lowest sales results.

Eliminate Outdated Methods

So cut unnecessary marketing strategies out of your budget. These strategies may include phonebook listings, radio announcements, billboards and television advertisements. Instead, focus on marketing strategies that yield concrete sales results and build greater public awareness of your product. Draw up a balanced budget laying the majority of it into Trade Publication advertising in local newspapers and magazines. Then devote some of your money to event promotion and social media marketing. Develop a website.

Create a Tagline

Next, find the right words to define your business in print and online advertising. Construction Services and Commercial Construction are the designated taglines for 27.6% of construction companies. Choosing the right words to name your services can increase your customer search results both on online search engines and publication indexes.

Increase Exposure

Increasing your client exposure boosts your sales. Spread your advertising out across the most popular channels to gain new potential customers and web traffic. Build your customers’ awareness and increase your brand ambassadors who read about your products in the newspaper over breakfast. Grab the cutting edge market by developing a website and Facebook page and posting quality, personal and fun content on it.

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