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Mobile and Triggered Email Marketing Trends


Email Marketing: Mobile Devices Vs Traditional Platforms

Email marketing is a technical strategy that provides businesses and marketing departments with an additional method of digital dialogue. If leveraged with smart technology, good presentation and comprehensive research email marketing can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Forms of Email Marketing

Let’s review two forms of email marketing that exist on traditional platforms (laptops and desktop computers) and mobile platforms.

Triggered Emails
Triggered emails are messages that are behavioral based. When someone opens an account, makes a purchase or adds an item to a shopping cart without completing the order, an email message can be automatically sent to the user.

Standard Emails
Standard emails are delivered without the use of automatic features and require manual engagement to deliver the message.

Increasing Mobile Use

The rise of mobile use has broadened the landscape of email marketing. However companies have not taken advantage of the rise in mobile use with 39% of companies having nonexistent email marketing strategies, 37% having basic email marketing, 16% moderate email marketing, 6% moderately advanced and only 2% have advanced email marketing strategies.

The 2% of companies that maximize the ability to quickly inform, update and respond to mobile activity are rewarded with increased revenue and customer satisfaction. While others miss opportunities or blunder them by using poor marketing strategies.

Mobile Statistics

Statistical data reflects how often consumers respond to well-thought-out and formatted emails on mobile and traditional platforms.

Between June-December 2011 the amount of emails opened on tablets, smartphones and traditional platforms were 6.8%, 20.6% and 75.6% respectively. Between June-December 2012 the amount of emails that were opened on tablets, smartphones and traditional platforms were 12.1%, 29% and 58.9% respectively. Reflecting a rise in open emails for tablets and smartphones by a margin of 78.9% and 40.7% respectively, while open emails on traditional platforms decreased by 18.8%.

Even though email marketing on tablets and smartphones received a favorable response by consumers, statistics suggest opportunities are missed.

Consider in 2012 when consumers were polled regarding their response to emails that were not visually appealing the numbers reflect: in years 2012/2013 emails were deleted 69%/89% of the time. Consumers unsubscribed 18%/27% of the time. Emails that were received on a mobile device but opened on a traditional platform occurred 18%/15% of the time. Emails that consumers opened on the mobile device despite poor presentation were 9%/8% and customers that didn’t know how to respond represent 10%/5%.

Tips to Effective Email Marketing

Simple steps can be taken to ensure email marketing is effective. Keep the content short, catchy and provoke the recipient’s curiosity on all platforms. To reduce deleted emails and unsubscribes keep the design simple. Don’t overuse graphics or video and get to the point quickly. Convince email subscribers and users to visit your website by placing CTA (call to action) at the top of your message body.

Statistics provided by Epsilon. Sampling for open email rates triggered emails 2012 Q4: 7.3 Billion emails/360 emails

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