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Managing and Dealing with Unhappy Employees at Work


How Do Employees Really Feel?

Being Happy is not always tender. This article seeks to find out the experience of business with respect to the benefits of a better work environment and making use of happiness as a useful work tool.

1. From the sampled population, it was observed that over 40% are stressed by huge workloads. 40% feel the expectations for them are unrealistic. 43% are unhappy with their salary. 34% are concerned with respect to job security and 43% do not see the opportunity for improvement.

2. Dissatisfaction and stress at the workplace can lead to habitual absenteeism from work. This is obvious from the fact that stress contributes to high loss of working days in the US alone. This amounts to a loss of nearly $30 billion yearly.

3. More devastating is the occurrence of presenteeism, this is when a present worker is not productive at his workplace. Over 59% of workers attributed this to stress at the workplace. This has cost the United States approximately $200 billion each year. Presenteeism can also be promoted by workers not blending properly into the workplace.

4. Has management been of any help? Well, 83% of employers are not able to determine the level of stress at the workplace while 80% of senior managers have no knowledge of dealing with stress and mental health. 14% of senior managers feel that having a formal mental health policy is effective.

The Effects of Happiness

Lots of people take happiness for granted, but that was what built Zappos into a $2 billion business.

Improve work relationship and environment
The research revealed that 58% are more likely to voluntarily help their colleagues while over 95% of them identify strongly with the company culture.

Improvement of efficiency and performance
It resulted in the following 40% increase in time spend on tasks, feeling more energized 65% of the time. With respect of being effective in their efforts, there is a 55% increase as well as 155% increase in satisfaction with their efforts. There is an increase in efficiency of 85% and six less sick days taken each year.

Save money
When employees are happy, they stay longer on their jobs and this reduces the cost of recruitment for the company. In the United States alone, this reduces the labor turnover by $2.3 billion and decreases sick leave by 67%.

Grow the business
It was discovered that when employees are happy, they are 156% more likely to positively promote their business by networking when the opportunities come. Trustworthy management, better working environment, and a positive environment factor increase business innovation by over 290%.

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