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Magento Information and Magento Statistics Infographic

Magento Information and Magento Statistics Infographic

Magento E-commerce Software

Online shopping has been with us since the invention of internet based market platforms. During those ancient days, both the buyer and the seller had to act with an act of faith to make transactions. People had to trust their instincts when purchasing goods online, as there was not protection. There was no software that offered customer protection until Magento was introduced back in 2008.

Magento has revolutionized the mode of online trading, as it covers many things that were not covered before, including a customer protection strategy. This strategy was implemented to protect customers from fraudsters. From its launch in early 2008, Magento saw an up rise in its use, with over 500,000 downloads in 6 months alone. Big companies like eBay and other online merchant stores started using it as a market platform, because its user interface was intuitive and effective. Ever since its introduction, Magento has grown remarkably, as many people have started trusting online platform to purchase things.

Features Included in Magento

1. Magento enterprise: this is considered to be the elite version, which is offered to well established companies and ecommerce companies. It controls economy on over 50 million dollars in revenue and sales. It is the largest used ecommerce platform to date.

2. Magento go: this is the middle version of Magento, which is created for middle class business enterprises that are still growing. Small businesses with the potential of growing into major merchant sites use this version because it is cheaper and readily affordable. It is online based to offer convenience to all customers across the internet, who find the sites useful for small purchases. It also offers secured payment methods and platforms to protect users from exposing their credit information online.

3. Magento community platform: this is the most commonly used platform today. It is provided freely for business startups online and those that have started with a high note. Almost anyone operating online and with online transactions can use this free version. It offers almost similar functions as Magento go; only that it has a few limitations here and there.

Why Use Magento Ecommerce Software

Customizable sub themes: unlike other ecommerce software’s, Magento offers its users a capacity to customize sub themes to suite their preference. This helps create an intuitive platform for the ecommerce website.

Easy to customize designs: being an open source project, Magento gives users the freedom to design their platforms however they want to favor their customers and market niche.

Custom cms blocks: these blocks are important for ecommerce website that offer many categories of products to sell. It creates an avenue to sort products in categories and subcategories to suit a customer’s need.

Capability to support many stores: the capability to support many stores online under one platform has made Magento many people’s favorites. They can use this platform to create various stores and have the same controlling cms.

Almost all upcoming online stores today continue to use Magento, as it has proven to be worth it. Customers and sellers can now have a piece of mind when transacting online.

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