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List of the Top Selling Products Online

Top Selling Products Online

The internet has opened new doors to commerce and expanding businesses. A look at the top selling internet products are listed below.

Top Internet Products

A listing of the top internet products, their annual sales, and market share are listed below.

1. Software, Books, Music, and Flowers – $37.05 billion (26%)
2. Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, and Office Supplies – $22.8 billion (16%)
3. Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Linens, and Home Décor – $26 billion (13%)
4. Health, Beauty, Food, and Beverage – $11.4 billion (8%)
5. Toys, Video Games, and Sporting Goods – $9.97 billion (7%)
6. Small Appliances, Furniture, Tools, and Garden Equipment – $4.27 billion (3%)

The Best Selling Products Ever

A listing of the top 10 best selling products ever is covered in the following video.

How Consumers Shop

Consumers are spending more through ecommerce than any other retail buying option. The top shopping consumers perform are based on the following sectors.

1. Online – 21%
2. Discount Stores – 21%
3. Grocery Stores – 14%
4. Membership Clubs – 12%
5. Electronic Stores – 11%
6. Discount Brand Name – 11%
7. General Department Store – 10%
8. Shopping Mall – 9%

Top Ecommerce Sites

1. Amazon
2. eBay
3. Netflix
4. Wal-Mart
6. Target
7. Best Buy
8. Groupon
9. Multiply
10. NewEgg

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