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List of the Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2012-2013

List of the Most Valuable Brands in the World for 2012-2013

Top 5 Most Valuable Brands

Brand value is crucial with determining brand development and the brands ability to create a viral campaign and influence consumers. Here is a look at the world’s top five most valuable brands and their ability to create equity just by their name.

1. Apple

Holding the number one post in brand value, Apple has more than doubled their value from $29 billion to $70 billion in just a year. Having over 8.5 million Facebook likes, at any point in time they see over 60,000 people talking about their brand. On LinkedIn, they have over 800,000 followers with 150+ job postings. Twitter sees 72,000+ followers with over 20,000 tweets.

2. Google

Google has made themselves known with the many projects their brand associates with. Because of this they have earned themselves over $47 billion in brand value. With 12 million likes on Facebook and over 90,000 people talking about Google, they see an equal social influence on Twitter with over 5.5+ million followers and almost 4,000 tweets. Through LinkedIn they have earned 800,000+ followers, posting over 2,000 jobs.

3. Microsoft

Not just known for their Windows operating system and Xbox 360 gaming system, Microsoft has branded themselves a value of over $45 billion to consumers. With over 2.2 million Facebook likes and 42,000 people talking about Microsoft on Facebook, Microsoft has grew their Twitter page to over 400,000 followers with over 4,000 tweets. On LinkedIn, they have gained a followership of over 730,000 with almost 5,000 jobs posted.

4. IBM

It may seem as though IBM has lacked in becoming growing household brand name as they had in the past, but it does not negate from their ability to generate over $39 Billion in brand value. With a small social presence on Facebook and Twitter, they see almost 200,000 likes and 39,000 followers with over 3,000 people talking about IBM on Facebook and over a thousand tweets. However as a company on LinkedIn, they have around 900,000 followers and over a thousand jobs posted.

5. Wal-Mart

An American hallmark in the retail industry, Wal-Mart has created themselves a brand value of over $38 billion, boosting themselves in value by a 50% increase the year before. With a large scale social influence, they see over 26 million likes on Facebook with over 500,000 people talking about them. On Twitter, their followers sit at over 150,000 with just shy of 4,000 tweets. LinkedIn is obviously not their trend setter as they have only 170,000 followers and 7 jobs posted.

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