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List of the 10 Most Famous Entrepreneurs of All-Time


The Man or Woman with the Plan

Although it is rare to find successful entrepreneurs, they share a few characteristics in common. This article seeks to highlight some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. If you do not have these traits, you can learn them as you grow in business.

1. Benjamin Franklin
He is referred to as America’s first entrepreneur. This was mainly because he was a renowned business man, author, printer, and savvy business man. He was a statesman as well as an inventor.

2. P.T. Barnum
He thrilled human fascination with creative slideshow acts which includes giant elephant and Tom Thumb.

3. Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison was an entrepreneur with a distinction. As a result, he was referred to as the father of the light bulb. In actual sense, he was not.

4. Henry Ford
With the Model T, Henry Ford transformed the life of man. With his model, he expanded the range of movement of people.

5. Benjamin Siegel
Benjamin was a notorious mobster popularly referred to as Bugsy. He was the first to have an insight into what Las Vegas would become. When you look at the city, you will have an insight into how it was influenced by Siegel.

6. Ray Kroe
Today, there is a MacDonalds on every corner, how did this come about? Thanks to Ray Kroc who took advantage of an existing idea, limited menu, low priced fast service and applied it on a large scale.

7. H. Ross Perot
Ross was a one time presidential aspirant who took a $1,000 loan from his wife and build a computer empire with it. He later become one of the richest men in the United States.

8. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
These entrepreneurs were the founders of Apple. Although they were not the first to make it big in the industry, through ingenuity, they brought computers to the populace in such a manner that appealed to all.

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