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List of Old and New Instagram Filters

List of Old and New Instagram Filters

Film vs. Instagram Filter Listing

A listing of Instagram filers and how they compare to film filters to achieve the same traditional classic look with digital methods.

Walden Filter
This filter offers a similar effect as using a Polaroid Land Camera which produces a self-developing instant image from the unit itself. Using the Impossible Project PX 70, the tones produce are cooler colors in bluish tones and partially washed out.

X-Pro II Filter
This filter provides an effect produced by the Lomo LC-A 35mm camera with radiant, contrasty, and vignette colored images. When combined with the Velvia 50 Cross Processed film, additional warm and saturated tones are applied. This film can be cross processed to shift colors to aqua and green colors.

Lomo-Fi Filter
Similar to using the Holfa, a combination of blur, vignetting, and blobs of light within the photo are seen. When combined with Ektachrome cross processed film, the image is generally balanced or can be cross processed to make the photo brighter and more saturated in yellow and aqua tones.

Brannan Filter
This filter is similar to that applied with a Polaroid land camera and Polaroid 600 film which is self-developing and seen in true to color tones.

Hefe Filter
Another Instagram filter producing a different appeal when combined with a Polaroid land camera and Impossible Project PZ 680 film. This combination makes the images warmer with orange or yellowish tones.

Earlybird Filter
This look was traditionally achieved by the Polaroid SX-70 which is a folding high end Polaroid camera produced in the 70s to early 80s when combined with the Polaroid 600 expired film. This film is a self-developing color film but when used past its expiration date can product faded color images with orange, yellow, and beige tones.

Sutro Filter
This filter is comparable to using the Holgaroid camera which allowed for custom prints to be created. When combined with the Polaroid 80 Chocolate film, sepia like image would be produced containing purple and brownish tones.

This filter offers similar effects to that of the Diana+ camera which is an original 1960s cult legend, produced with plastic lenses for soft photos and creating light leaks. When combined with the Velvia 100F cross processed film, the same colors can be produced but when cross processed they shift in the opposite direction producing warmer, red photos.

Nashville Filter
This filter mimics that of the Yashica Mat 124 Twim Lens Reflex vintage camera that produces sharp portraits at an affordable price. When combined with the Velvia RVP100 cross processed film, a slight reddish, magenta, pink, or purple tint is applied.

Gotham Filter
Using the Holga camera and combining it with Ilford XP2 film, a chromogenic color forming film is used resulting in a black and white photo with the occasional bluish tones included.

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