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Guest Blog Poster Guide and Tips

Guest Blog Poster Guide and Tips

A 101 Guide to Guest Blogging

An easy to follow guide on guest blogging with ways to grow your business by writing for others. When performed effectively, you can increase your business sites visibility while establishing yourself as an industry expert by publishing your expertise on other websites.

5 Quick Tips to Guest Blogging

Follow these tips to help refine your current process and modify your current strategy.

1. Quality Matters
When dealing with content marketing, the quality of your word matters. Striving to continually improve your quality of posts online will protect you from Google and other search engines that work towards penalizing spammers and lazy marketers. Use tools such as Google Authorship to rewards yourself as an established poster on reputable blogs.

2. Getting Started
When getting started, you should think about these three things.

• What is your niche?
• Who will write the posts?
• Who is your audience?

Consider what valuable insights you can offer your readers. Your audience may actually be the same people who are your customers. If you are unsure about writing the posts yourself, hire freelancers or a copywriting firm.

3. Where to Blog
Here is a listing of resources to find blogs you can reach out to for guest posting opportunities.

• Buzzstream
• Blogger LinkUp
• Google Blog Search
• Guest Blogging Websites
• Technorati Blog Directory

4. How to Pitch Successfully
Once you locate where you want to become a guest blogger at, work towards building relationship. This is central to your long tern success as you continually seek more guest blogging opportunities. Follow these three short tips on pitching successfully.

• Know who you are pitching. Read their blog first.
• Be Active Online. Maintain a robust social media presence and keep your own blog updated regularly.
• Return the favor. Offer the individual a guest blogging opportunity on your own blog.

5. The Number of Guest Blogging
Here is a look at some statistics for the guest blogging industry.

• 57% of companies that actively blog acquire a customer as a result of their efforts.
• 126% more leads are generated by a business that blogs compared to businesses that do not.
• Users spend three times more reading blogs and social media posts when compared to reading email.

Useful Tools for Guest Bloggers

Google Docs – Google’s free tool offers cloud based collaboration, making it easy for multiple authors or editors to access and read the same file simultaneously.

Office 365 – For $6 a month, Microsoft offers the ability for users to collaborate online with word and excel based programs.

Evernote – A blogging tool used for writers to jot down information and their ideas for content.

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