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List of the Top 26 Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding is an amazing concept. You may have an innovative idea but you may not be financially equipped to manifest that idea and realize your vision. You may have a startup which is in need of funds and with a bit of financial leverage, you can create a company that will have significant ramifications in a specific industry. You may be a filmmaker, a photographer, a small business owner, a social activity, the head of a charity or an engineer working on an unprecedented gadget. Crowdfunding can help all and sundry. If the cause is good enough, if enough people can be influenced or convinced with the idea or the proposition, if you have the resources to raise funds and if you can communicate your entire project well, then you can raise the funds that you need.

But at the very onset, what you need is a good crowdfunding site. You cannot raise money on your own unless you have a foundation. Fortunately, there are many crowdfunding sites which you can use to reach out to an audience and you can raise funds. Unfortunately, not all crowdfunding sites are great and not all would suit your purpose. Crowdfunding websites will obviously have a vested interest, there will be charges to pay, the sites will have different features and advantages as well as shortcomings and you may succeed on one site and might fail in another. Thus, it is important that you choose the best crowdfunding sites so you can actually raise the money and not spend your time and effort in futility.

26 Top Crowdfunding Sites To Use is a list of the best sites that will certainly help you to realize your goals. As you explore the info-graphic, you will notice that the list has been broken down into several categories. Obviously one crowdfunding site will not suit everyone. Every site has its specific audience and the same audience will never be interested in science and art, astronomy and film making. You need to choose a site that has an audience which is likely to be interested in what you plan to do. To raise funds for a movie, you need to be on a site that has movie buffs among its audience. If you wish to raise money for a social cause, then you need people who are interested in funding social activism or projects for the good of others.

Explore the list and choose the site that best suits your needs.

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