List of Catchy Nursing Slogans

Almost 3 million jobs exist for the nursing industry in the United States. With a faster industry growth of 26% each year, the median salary for a nurse is over $60,000. An associate degree is minimally required to gain entry to this field. Registered nurses can be found working in hospitals, physician offices, home healthcare, nursing care facilities, schools, correctional facilities, and the military. A collection of nursing slogans that focus on the care that goes into nursing is listed below.

Born to care.
Caring is the essence of nursing.
Doctors diagnose. Nurses cure.
If love can’t cure it, nurses can.
Nurses – one of the few blessings of being ill.
Nurses are the heart of healthcare.
Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital.
Nurses bring comfort, care, and buckets of smiles.
Nurses may not be angels but they are the next best thing.
Nurses, a tradition of caring.
Nurses, on call with care.
Save one life, you’re a hero. Save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.
Style and flair with care.
The art of caring.
The best nurses have the essential qualifications before they go to school.
The heart of healthcare.
Trusted to care.
We call the shots.
We’d all be worse without the nurse.
We’d be worse, without a nurse.
Where nurses connect.
Where the future begins today.

The following infographic looks at the nursing industry and its growth and trends. California is the top state in need of almost 50,000 nurses, with Texas following closely in second place. The top nursing specialty is a cardiovascular nurse with an annual salary of over $84,902 estimated. Other career paths can be taken from being a nursing educator, practitioner, or legal nurse.

Nursing Industry Future Trends and Statistics