List of 67 Spanish and Mexican Food Names

A list of 67 Spanish and Mexican popular food names. Some of these foods are listed as the top ones to have when visiting in country.

Almendras garrapiñadas – Crunchy Almond Sweet.
Amanida – Local Salad.
Arroz Con Leche – Rice Pudding.
Bacalao con ajo – Cod in Garlic Dish.
Bienmesabe -Sweet Cream Dessert of Almonds, Egg Yolk and Cinnamon.
Birria – Steamed Beef or Goat
Bolillos – Mexican Roll
Butifarra amb Mongetes – Blac Sausage with White Haricot Beans.
Cachorreñas – Fish Soup.
Cajeta – Milk Candy.
Caldo Gallego – Warming Substantial Soup.
Capirotada – Bread Pudding.
Carnitas – Tender and Juicy Fried Pork.
Chilaquiles – Tortillas Covered in Green or Red Salsa, Shredded Chicken, and Creama.
Chile Colorado – Beef with Red Chile Sauce.
Chile en Nogada – Chiles in a Walnut Sauce.
Chile Verde – Pork in a Green Chile Sauce.
Chilorio – Pork with Chile Sauce from Sinaloa.
Coca de Trampó – Pizza Style Dish.
Cochinillo Asado a la Segoviana – Roast Suckling Duck.
Creamy Flan – Custard in a Caramel Sauce.
Crema Catalana – Sumptuously Rich Egg Custard.
El Frite – Fried Lamb flavored with Garlic, Onion, Lemon, and Paprika.
Empanada – Fish Pie.
Enchiladas Verdes – Shredded Chicken, Green Salsa, and Crema Wrapped in Corn Tortillas.
Fritura de Pescado – Fish Mixture.
Gazpacho – Cold Tomato Soup with Vegetable Base.
Gazpacho de Pastor – Game Tartlet.
Guirlache – Made from Toasted Almonds.
Guevos a la Flamenca – Eggs, Chorizo and Vegetables.
Huevos a la Sollerinca – Eggs, Sobrassada Sausage and Pea Sauce.
Lacón con Grelos – Pork, Chorizo, and Turnip Tops.
Liebre a la Mancha – Game Dish.
Mantecados Manchegos – Local Sweet.
Menudo – Classic Soup.
Michirones – Bean and Chorizo Mixture.
Miel Sobre Hojuelas – Honey Pastry.
Mollette – Savory Bread topped with Beans.
Pastel de Carne – Minced Meat Chopped.
Pastel de Tres Leches – Moist and Creamy Cake.
Perdices con Chocolate – Partridge in Chocolate Sauce.
Pescado a la Sal – Whole Fish in Salt Crust.
Pibil Pollo – Chicken with Sour Orange and Chile.
Picadillo – A Seasoned Beef Dish.
Pico de Gallo – Basic Salsa.
Pisto Manchego – Mixture of Peppers, Tomato, Onion and Courgettes.
Pisto Murciano – Variety of Vegeteables.
Poc-Chuc – Tender Pork topped with Onions.
Pollo al padre Pero – Chicken Braised in Pepper and Tomato Sauce.
Pollo Encacahuatado – Chicken in Peanut Sauce.
Pozole – Stew of Multiple Meats and Spices.
Puchero Canario -Saffron Stew with Sausage, Beans, Chick Peas and Potatoes.
Rabo de Toro a la Jerezana – Casserole Made with Bulls Tail.
Salsa Picante – Spicy Hot Salsa.
Salsa Verde – Green Salsa.
Sama Frita con Mojo Verde – Fried Fish in Spicey Sauce.
Sopa de Almendras a la Castellana – Almond Soup.
Suquet – Fish and Seafood Stew.
Tamales – Mix Meats and Spices Wrapped in Corn Husks.
Tamales – Steamed Masa with a Filling.
Tocino de Cielo – Custard and Caramel Dessert.
Torta Cubana – Sandwich with Multiple Meats.
Truchas a la Navarra – River Trout Stuffed with Serrano Ham.
Truchas en Arcilla – Clay Baked Trout.
Tumbet – Tasty Vegetable Casserole.
Yemas de San Leandro – Marzipan Sweet.
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