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10 Things Real Estate Agents List on their Facebook Profile

10 Things Real Estate Agents List on their Facebook Profile

Analyzing Facebook Profiles of Real Estate Agents Who Use Graph Search

Point 2 Homes is a place where you can get to know of the profiles of your real estate agents; what they like and how they got to be the people they are. Point 2 Homes is a real estate agent who uses Graph Search which is a new search engine on the social media platform, Facebook. Here, there are several analyses done on the likes and other elements of estate agents’ lives to come up with profiles of typical real estate agents. This of course, is thanks to the new application available on Facebook. For example, in the political arena, both male and female agents have a preference for Mitt Romney over Barrack Obama, in spite of the former having lost the elections.

Also, this platform makes a fun place to find out more about your estate agents because it analyses the fun things that agents prefer. Male agents mostly like Lakers when it comes to sports whereas in the female category, the same team was only the fifth most popular one. Sporting activities loved by these two categories of real estate agents also shows interesting disparities. Whereas golfing and jogging were the two most popular sporting activities for the male agents, females preferred jogging and yoga. You will also get to know of the movies and kinds of music that your estate agent watches and listens to respectively. You will be amazed by the disparities that Point 2 Homes exposes in terms of tastes and preferences for both male and female estate agents.

Show Knowledge

Knowledge is indeed a great aspect of the work done by real estate agents. Most of these people read a lot and here, differences are seen in the choice of reads by these two groups; male and female estate agents. The top choice in terms of books for male agents is “Think and Grow Rich” while for the females, The Bible is the most loved one. Magazines also form part of the sources of knowledge used by real estate agents. For both groups of agents, the “Realtor” and “Top Agent” magazines are good bets as is the “Success” magazine.

There are car models preferred by both male and female agents. The Land Rover and Lexus are the most loved model by females while the BMW tops the passions of male agents. There are indeed several more analyses of the likes and interests of real estate agents which will appeal to people.

A real estate agent is likely to post a lot concerning his interests and things that got him wherever he is. It is such information taken up by Point 2 Homes through Graph Search and interpreted to produce profiles for your typical estate agents; male or female.

Having such an engaging profile by an estate agent will most likely translate into a huge following and which means that the fortunes of such an agent will be more enhanced.

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