List of 61 Catchy Shopping Slogans and Taglines

The retail shopping industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States and worldwide. Recent trends in this industry have been focused on home delivery services, improved service, and customer engagement across cross functional methods. Since this market is saturated with options to choose from, fewer stores that are small with better selection is becoming key to positioning within the marketplace. The following list of catchy shopping slogans have been used in the past from all size businesses and shared by others to help encourage new marketing taglines for growing your business.

A change you can see.
A fresh approach to shopping.
A great place to be.
A higher form of shopping.
Absolutely. Positively. Perfect.
Always ahead.
Always in style!
An exciting place for the whole family to shop.
Created with life in mind.
Discover the difference.
Discover your favorite place.
Expect the unexpected.
Experience the lifestyle.
Feel-good shopping.
Find yourself.
Great stores. Great choices.
It’s all about you.
It’s happening here!
Just a step away from home.
Live life on full.
Love shopping again.
Makes you feel like shopping.
Making life easier.
More of what you want.
More stores. More value.
More ways to be you.
Must have it? We’ve got it.
Putting the customer first.
Rediscover a great shopping tradition.
Reflecting a finer aesthetic.
Save money. Live better.
Seek. Find. Enjoy.
Serious shopping.
Shop for what you want.
Shopping as it should be.
Shopping for all seasons.
Shopping for real life.
Shopping rediscovered.
Shopping the way you like it!
Shopping with style.
Simply better shopping.
Something different, every day.
The evolution continues.
The place for fun.
The place to be.
There’s always a reason.
Think bigger.
Transforming shopping into an experience.
Treasure every day.
Whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ve got inside.
Where families shop.
Where fashion comes to life.
Where fashion meets fun!
Where it’s all going on.
Where something special happens every day.
Where the world comes to shop.
World of happiness.
You’ll find it here!
Your gateway to great shopping.
Your place for shopping and leisure.
Your stores. Your place.

Present time technologies have increased the ease of access for consumers to shop online resulting in more retailers offering ship to store or ship to home options. 96% of consumers are more likely to shop on site if free shipping is being offered. A majority of consumers find that shopping online results in more sales and promotions with broader selections to choose from. The below infographic outlines statistics and trends of consumers that shop online.

Online Shopping Statistics and Consumer Trends