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List of 55 Funny Exercise Team Names

Exercising has seen increasing participating rates over the last decade. Not only is it good for your physical body, but exercising is also proven to increase your levels of happiness and place you in a better mental state of mind. Suffering from long term stress can lead you down the path of heart disease, sleep disorders, obesity, depression, memory impairment and more. Exercising helps to combat the stress hormone and suppress its negative effects. If you have a difficult time motivating yourself and plan on participating in an exercise team, the following exercise team names will help to inspire your cooperation and participation.

At Least
Belly Acres
Belly Flat
Better Naked
Cereal Killer
Choose to Lose
Cut it Out
Die Lard
Diminishing Returns
Droopy Drawers
Dump Your Rump
Dwindling Expectations
Fitmen For Hire
Going the Distance
Gut Busters
Jiggle Giggle
Lean Queens
Let it Melt
Lighten Up
Lost Because
Lost Boys
Mind Over Matter
Minnesota Thins
Mission Slimpossible
New Creations
New Dimension
New Direction
No Weigh
Rump Yours
Run Track Minds
Shed the Lead
Skinny Dippers
Skinny Minnies
Slim Pickens
Smartie Pants
Spin Doctors
Starvin’ Marvin
Sweating Sveltes
The Shredders
The Thinner Winners
The Trimtones
Thick n Thin
Thinner than You
Tour de Fat
Twinkies Defence
Unpacking the Trunk
Unrepentant Thinners
Waist Basket
Walk the Walk
Weigh to Go

The below infographic outlines the positive effects of exercise and how it helps to increase your productivity and mood. Endorphins can be increased after just a short 20 minutes of exercise and boost your productivity for up to three hours following a workout. Intense exercise can weaken the immune system during your recovery period so be sure not to over do it.

How Exercise Increases Happiness Levels

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