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11 Scientific Techniques to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution


The Vicious Cycle Of Fitness Failure

It is no secret that losing weight or at least aspiring to lose weight is one of the most common resolutions that a majority of Americans take up at the turn of every year. Gyms make a killing with a huge surge in new memberships, supplement makers laugh all the way to their banks by selling products at unprecedented quantities in comparison with other times of the year and the entire nation looks all set to become a healthy and thriving fitness center. Sadly, the reality has other plans and barely a few actually manage to lose weight.

Gaining Endurance

The fact is that resolutions are meant to be not abided by, just as promises are meant to be broken. Even before you know it, you are off the charts, out of your healthy regimen and you are putting on weight instead of losing it. The vicious cycle of fitness failure has seldom spared anyone. Every person goes through this experience. While very few manage to overcome the disruptions and succeed, most actually fail and keep failing.

Tips to Help You

In this info-graphic, we introduce you to the secret that can break this vicious cycle of fitness failure. You need not feel compelled to exercise and get bored due to the onus and quit it in one week or in one month. It is a fact that most people quit the gyms whose memberships they had opted for in January, in the month of February itself. The secret to break the cycle of fitness failure is to train your mind that can drive you to keep working out.

Achieve the Short Term

It is necessary for you to truly believe and go for the kill. Once you have the right thoughts, set the right goals and have the necessary motivators, you can actually keep working out and lose weight. Set short term goals, have a list of reasons why you should continue to work out and lose weight and stay away from the factors that can compel you or lure you to walk out on your resolution. Training your brain accordingly and being in charge of your psyche can help you to get rid of the vicious cycle of fitness failure.

This info-graphic has all the solutions you need to set the right goals, to have the right mindset and to have an approach that will see you through and you will achieve your goals.

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