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List of 53 Womens Bowling Team Names

Women have slowly progressed into almost every national arena for competing in sports. However, trouble trends show that women are also financially devalued in this industry. The average salary of a man in the NBA is almost $5 million while the average salary for a women in the WNBA is over $50,000. Women teams also tend to gear away from traditional team colors such as pink and white for a softball jersey that says the Dodgers instead of their actual colors of blue on white. Some of the most popular activities for women are walking, swimming, jogging, gym, and aerobics. For those that participate in the bowling league, the below collection of women bowling team names is listed below. These come from existing female teams and are intended to inspire the creation of your own league.

40 Fingers
Alley Cats
Angle of Entry
Bender Babes
Bowling Babes
Changing Lanes
Club Strike
Cradle the Balls
Cross Overs
Curly Pins
Diamond Club
Dolls with Balls
Evening Shadows
Eye Shados
Four’s Company
Framed Out
Grease Monkies
Hit or Miss
Hocus Bowlers
Holy Rollers
Huge Racks
Lane Rangers
Lickity Splits
Lucky Streaks
Lucky Strike
Margherita Mixers
Mines in the Gutter
Over the Line
Overdrive Bowlers
Penny Lane
Pin Panthers
Pin Twisters
Pin Up Girls
Power Strike
Royal Crush
Scared Pinless
Skips Hops and Jumps
Spare Change
Spare Me
Split Ends
The Gutter Gals
The Pin Ups
Tidy Bowlers
Time to Spare
Up Our Alley
Vicious But Still Delicious
Victorious Secret
We’ve Got Balls
Windfern Lanes
Wonder Strikes
XXX’ed Out

Over 60% of females engage in some sort of physical activity and sport. Women have started competing in the olympics since 1900, where only 22 women participated of the 997 athletes. Now, there are over 4,600 women competing from the 5,800 athletes. The below infographic outlines some statistics of women in sports.

Most Popular Sports for Women

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