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List of 75 Funny Cricket Team Names

The International Cricket Tournaments occur each year and represents a long standing rivalry between Australia and England since 1877. To date, England has won 333 Test matches and lost 268 games. Australia is considered to be ranked as the leading team in Test cricket with 350 Test games won and 194 matches lost. A collection of cricket team names is listed below to help inspire the creation of your own unique and humorous name.

11 Musketeers
12 Fine Legs
Agile 11
Always on the Pull
Amazing Shots
Ball Burners
Boundary Aimers
Brokebat Mountain
Century Hitters
Challengers on the Turf
Challenging All-Rounders
Crazy 11
Crazy Wombats
Cricket Bashers
Cricket Hitters
Cricketing Phantoms
Enchanting Stumpers
Enemies of the Ball
Extreme Blasters
Ferocious Fasties
Fine Legs
Fresh Starz
Game for Runs
Game Swingers
Girls with Willow-Power
Gone Batty
Got the runs
Happening 11
Hit and Run
Innings Stars
its and Missus
Kiss My Chaminda Vaas
Knights Watchmen
Leading Challengers
League of Roadrunners
London Constipators
Magicians with the Bat
Master Batters
Pitch Burners
Pitch Smashers
Ravishing Willows
Right Arm Lollipop
Rising Stars
Royal Strikers
Runners for Victory
Running Empty
Scared Shotless
Silly Sloggers
Six Offenders
Smack my Pitchup
Soaring Sixes
Stick it in
Sticky Wickets
Stumped for answers
Swing Both Ways
Terrific Hitters
The B Sharps
The Bowljob
The Cunning Stunts
The Ducksters
The Free Ballers
The Go Getters
The Groundbreakers
The Jolly Cricketers
The Master Batters
The Night Watchman
The RecordSetters
The Scoring Willows
The Supernovas
The Swingers
Thunderballs and Firebats
Trophy Fighters
Vivacious Scorers
Wicked Wicket-Takers
Working the Balls

A special thanks to OpenPlay.co.uk for giving us the inspiration for this list.

The following infographic outlines the historical facts surrounding the rivalry in cricket between Australia and England. The Ashes is a Test cricket series played through 5 matches that each last 5 days. 66 series have been played with Australia winning 31 and England winning 30. The lowest recorded temperature during these games were document as being 10 degrees celsius.

Guide to the Ashe Cricket Series

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