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How Apps Allow You to Get Rid of Your Cable Bill


Cable TV way be going the way of the roof-top antenna. It may become more scarce than antennae altogether, since a roof-top antennae is one alternative to cable. The fact is that there are many alternative to cable that are a step up in service, often for less money. The problem with cable was always that most cable companies had monopolies and were protected by a sympathetic government that mandated federal arbitration for any municipality that wanted to break an existing contract.


Netflix is just one of the amazingly successful alternatives to cable. You can get streaming movies for just 7.99 a month-and there are no ads in the broadcast. For the same price, you can also rent DVDs and have them mailed right to your home, and you mail them back when you’ve decided you’re done. You can try it free for a month. It does lack next day air content.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is another emerging alternative that’s popular-basically it’s TV online. A streaming plan costs just 7.99 a month and you can also get next-day air content for a fee. The downside is that it has a much smaller movie library than Netflix, which can offer almost any movie in existence.

iTunes and Amazon

Individual movie rentals continue to exist online. Both iTunes and Amazon offer them. iTunes also offers TV shows at $1.99 an episode or $34.99 for season. Amazon’s prices are the same for these categories, or a membership option that gives unlimited access for $79.95 a year. Google Play offers episodes as the same price but charged ten dollars less for a season. If you dig comedy, subscribe to DRM Free. YouTube is also a cable alternative that offers various TV subscriptions at prices ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 a month, but has very little premium content.

Gaming Consoles

Most-cable alternative broadcasts can be channeled through gaming consoles such as the Nintento Wi, and Wi U, while an X Box or Sony Playstation 3 will also do the job. If you’re suing your lap top, a Google Chromecast device will serve the same purpose. The small, USB plug-in device costs about thirty-five dollars.

If you don’t own a gaming console and won’t be watching on your lap top, you can purchase a streaming box for less than one hundred dollars. While this may sound like a lot, most cable packages cost the same amount of money every month, and you still have to watch commercials.

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