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List of 38 Funny Mud Run Team Names

Mud runs have grown in popularity across the United States with new obstacles opening up each year. In 2012, an estimated 2 million mud runners participated inn these events. In that same year, almost 500,000 runners participated in marathons. Mud runs are geared towards the younger crowd with the average runner being age 26. While mud runs are hosted on average more times per year than a marathon, marathons tend to bring in larger crowds with the average age of a participant being 39. The following collection of funny mud run team names are intended to inspire the creation of your own team name for the next mud run event you join.

Buns on the Run
Dingy Dames
Dirt Digglers
Dirty Bandits
Dirty Divas
Dirty Dozen
Dirty Martinis
Fantastic Fuentes
Girls Gone Muddy
Happy Feet
How the West Was Run
Lager Ladies
Lucky Mud Charms
Mud Crushers
Mud Flaps
Mud Men
Mud Sharks
Mud Slingers
Mud, Sweat, and Beers
Mudder Fockers
Muddy Buddies
Muddy Minions
Muddy Waters
Mudpie Mamas
Pass the Buck
Poppy Pants
Pretty lil’ Mudders
Rapid Thigh Movement
Saucy Delights
Storming Raiders
Team Speed Bump
The Dirt Skirts
The Filthy Femmes
The Mudbugs
The Sordid Ladies
Twisted Blisters

The following infographic takes a look at mud runs versus traditional marathons and the trends that follow. When it comes to marathon running, 97% of participants finish versus mud runners at 78%. Mud runs also tend to have an increased social presence and larger support.

Mud Runs vs Marathons

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