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List of 125 Good Consulting Company Names

No matter what industry you are a part of, you can become an expert in that industry taking you down the path of consulting for others. An average consultant can start their own business for $20,000. One of the biggest aspects to plan in your consulting business is how you desire the fee structure to be established. Some prefer to get paid by the hour while others go by the project. The following collection of consulting company names are listed from small businesses around the United States.

3T Pro Inc.
A.T. Kearney
Aeftiss Consulting
Aeron Ace Consulting
Alley Aex Consulting
Alphex Business Consulting
Applied Technical Services Inc.
Arthur D. Little
Audible Inc.
Bain & Company
Beam Box Consulting
Bearing Point
Black Water Business Consulting
Blackboard Inc.
Blue Scape Consulting
BlueBriss Business Consulting
Booz Allen Hamilton
Boston Consulting Group
Bury + Partners
BusiFolio Consulting
Business Glider
Busino Spire Consulting
Businorra Consulting
Busy Byte Consulting
Busy Street
Clara Crest Consulting
ClraMonte Consulting
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Collinson Grant
Concort Solutions LLC
Connestart Consulting
Crowd Street Business Consulting
Cubent Consulting
Deloitte Consulting
Dex One
Econo Vision
Edge Rise Business Consulting
Elite East Business Consulting
Elite Movers
Epitome Sync Business Consulting
Ernst & Young
Exist Management
F5 Networks Inc.
First Sense Business Consulting
FlyTap Consulting
Forbe Fest Business Consulting
Fresh Pond Properties LLC
Fulcrum Worldwide
Fusion Buzz Business Consulting
Great Quest Consulting
Hay Group
Hencehat Business Consulting
Hewitt Associates
Hopestone Consulting
Idea Provin Business Consulting
IdeaFront Business Consulting
Impressa Consulting
Information BUilders, Inc.
Invenio Technology
ITN Consulting
Manage Smith
Management Consulting Group
Market America Inc.
Master Crest Business Consulting
McKinsey & Company
Mentor Graphics
Micro Curves
Middle Groove Business Consulting
Mindy Lamb Business Consulting
Moorhouse Consulting
Motive Quest Business Consulting
Motive Space Business Consulting
Mysteva Business Consulting
Navigant Consulting
North Eagle Consulting
Northways Consulting
Onyx Consulting Inc.
Paychex, Inc.
Penton Media
Precision Research Inc.
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Prime Prism Business Consulting
Red Level Consulting
Rust Consulting, Inc.
Schawk! Inc.
Signox Consulting
Slalom Consulting
Statistics Solutions, Inc.
Steritech Group Inc.
Super Crew Consulting
Switchfast Technologies
The Cambridge Group
The Sienna Business Consulting
ThinkBizz Business Consulting
Towers Watson
Ventor Consulting
Vision Quest Consultants
White Gravity
White Curves
Whitney’s Consulting
Wild River Systems
Women’s Wear Daily
Yellow Cow
You Smart Business Consulting

The global consulting industry revenues reached approximately $400 billion in 2012. If you are considering entering the industry of consulting, the following infographic outlines the career path for starting your own consulting business.

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