41 Catchy Fitness Boot Camp Names

Fitness boot camps are fitness programs especially designed for individuals to get them in shape and healthy. Most programs are built around a formulation of high intensity cardio, increasing body mass, nutritional coaching, and building confidence. The following list of fitness boot camp names are from existing programs throughout the United States. These are intended to encourage the creation of new boot camp brands within the industry.

B-Fit Boot Camp
Body Rock Boot Camp
Body Transformer Boot Camp
BodyZen Fitness Boot Camps
Boot Camp 4a Cause
Change Your Body Boot Camp
Code Pink Boot Camp
Cypress Fit Body Boot Camp
Dream Body Boot Camp
Edge Body Boot Camp
Elite Fitness Concepts Operation Fitness Boot Camp
Fast Lean Fit
F.I.T. Boot Camps
Fast Fitness Boot Camp
Fit Body Boot Camp
Fit Soldiers LLC
Fitness First Boot Camp
Fitness For Living Boot Camp
Fitness Infusion
Fly Dog Fitness Boot Camps
Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp
Hot Mom Fitness Boot Camp
iDecide Fitness Boot Camps
Jungle Cat Fitness Boot Camps
Operation Boot Camp
Peak Fitness Boot Camp
Phoenix Connect
Pure Power Boot Camp
Rock Star Boot Camp
Show Me The Fitness Bootcamp
Spire Boot Camp
Step it Up Fitness Bootcamp
Superstar Fitness Boot Camp
Superwomen Boot Camp
SWAT Fitness Boot Camps
Synergy Fitness Boot Camp
Total Training Tustin Boot Camp
Tuff Girl Fitness
Warrior Fitness Boot Camp
X Core Fitness Boot Camp
Yun Fitness Bootcamps

The below infographic lists 6 tips to help get you motivated and back in shape. It is recommended that every 14 days you switch up your routine to keep your activity fresh.
Fitness Tips to Keep Motivated