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List of 37 Good Internet Company Names

The internet is considered a vast resource that has not really been purely tapped into by the world. In this past year alone, China has hit more than double the US in numbers of those using the internet. Facebook has grabbed almost half of the world internet users to become a part of their ever popular social network. Internet companies have only to consider how to accommodate the growing need and access to the internet. The following series of internet company names are from around the United States and currently service residences within their local areas.

Ace Communications Group
Advanced Cable Communications
Atlantic Broadband
Blekko Inc.
Bright House Networks
Buckeye CableSystem Inc.
Cable One Inc.
Charter Communications
Cincinnati Bell
Consolidated Communications
Cox Communications
EnTouch Corporate
Fidelity Communications Co.
Grande Communications
Hughes Network Systems
Insight Communications Company
Kansas Broadband Internet Inc.
Logix Communications
Net Zero Inc.
Netgear Inc.
Time Warner
White Fence
Windstream Communications
XMission Internet
XO Communications

The birth of the internet did not only spawn on accessibility to endless information but concerns over people’s privacy. The below infographic outlines statistics and data on the emerging debates of web privacy over the internet. A recent survey uncovered that 57% of people find Google’s street mapping service to be considered intrusive.

Internet Privacy Statistics and Facts

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