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List of 34 Intramural Softball Team Names

Intramural sports have been increasing in popularity by 25% since 2005. These activities help to encourage students to participate in social networking and physical activity on campus. School boards can partake in sponsorship opportunities with local businesses and community associations. The following compilation of intramural softball team names have been used by other campuses and are meant to encourage the creation of your own team.

8 Jerks
Alpha Phi
Baked Zito
Bearded Longfellows
Better Looking Team
Burgal Boys
Burgh Bombers
Cannon Rush
Classy Pitches
Crop Dusters
Girth Squad
Has Beens
In Scoring Position
Master Batters
Mucka Mad Boys
No Gloves
Scared Hitless
Sultans of Swing
Team Greens
Team Rawdog
The Blazers
The Grizzlies
The Honeybadgers
The Phoenix
The Stepfathers
We Da Best
We Got the Runs
Young Money

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