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Link Bait Campaign Strategies, Examples and Ideas

Link Bait Campaign Strategies, Examples and Ideas

Link Building Anatomy

A part of link building is understanding how to attract backlinks naturally and link baiting. This is accomplished through your content, videos, and images.

To attract your users to generate backlinks for your site, the website content should be informative and attractive enough to make it worth their while. A technical based blog provides better opportunity in attracting links.

Guest blogging can also be used as a means of increasing the number of articles and thus backlink potential. Using documents or presentations run you a great chance of receiving backlinks.

When using videos, original and insightful tutorials and how to guides are considered more popular for sharing and linking to. Interviews with respected industry people are considered a good referral source as well as webinar presentations that increase your exposure and target for quality backlinks.

Infographics are considered the most desirable types of images to provide useful content related to your industry and business while offer serving as a handy link building tool.

Additional Link Building Strategies

There are additional strategies you can use outside of the three core parts for link building.

Local Business Promotion
When promoting local businesses, you can create more business links and authority related to local searches for sites such as Yellow Pages, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and Local Business Listings.

Relationship Building
You can build relationships within your niche industry by participating with forums, commenting, blogging, and answering questions. This will increase your ability for authority links and added traffic by performing follow-up reviews, forum replies, creating new threads, blog commenting, and partaking with questions and answers.

Content Sharing
Sharing your content, articles, and blog posts with others will help to increase your promotion, generate press releases, user reviews, and gain more blogging opportunities.

Increasing your social presence also helps to increase your site authority and create backlink opportunities through building your profile and creating more social media profiles.

Opportunity Analysis
Help your presence by looking at your site in comparison to competitors throughout the web to reveal new backlink opportunities. Identify niche directories, dead link building, and other opportunity checks.

Product Listings
E-commerce websites can submit listing feeds from their shopping cart to increase referrals and sales. Schema markup will also increase your referrals for product searches. Look to classifieds, product fees, and shopping search engine listings for increase opportunities.

By focusing on the above listed strategies, you can help yourself to increase your ability to link build and target specific methods for creating back links for your site. As you spread your reach and generate increasing content, you will be able to attract backlinks naturally while focusing your efforts towards an ever increase web presence.

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