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Kindle Fire HD Versus Nook Color HD

With 16GB of storage, the Nook HD provides users with a lot of value in the fact that it retails for just $149. Without special offers included on a similarly sized tablet, the Kindle Fire HD will cost you $35 more. Do the features of the Kindle Fire HD justify the added expenses that you’ll pay? Or is the Nook HD the best tablet on the market to get right now?

Nook HD Features Google Products

Nook and the Kindle Fire are similar in the fact that they are geared to a primary audience that wants to read books on their tablet more than anything else. Both provide affordable access to hundreds of thousands of books and magazines, with many of them free. Both also offer full color displays in their 7 inch size, giving you the chance to zoom in on pictures, explore literature as you see fit, and ultimately take a bunch of books with you wherever you go.

The differences begin to show up in the O/S of the tablet itself. The Nook HD utilizes Google products throughout, including Chrome as its web browser. Though some believe all you can do is access Barnes & Noble products on the Nook HD, you’ll also get access to Google Play and the thousands of apps and movies available on that marketplace. In comparison, the Kindle Fire HD requires you to operate through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, the Kindle Fire HD will quickly pay for itself! If you don’t, however, you may wish to consider the Nook HD first.

The Technical Specs Are Almost Equal

The Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD will both give you a maximum of about 10 hours of battery life when your brightness settings are at a minimum. Both have WiFi access, although the Nook HD promotes that you can get free WiFi through it at a Barnes & Noble. Each tablet has specific parental controls that can be set to prevent child purchases and modifications.

For many, the real difference comes in the video streaming capabilities that you get from Amazon Prime. Nook Video gives users the chance to rent or purchase TV shows and movies like you would on a platform like iTunes. On the other hand, Amazon Prime allows subscribers to stream TV shows and movies online for free with their yearly membership, much like Netflix. That’s why if you already have Amazon Prime or plan on getting it, the Kindle Fire HD has a clear advantage. If not, it really comes down to personal preference.

Which Tablet Is Right For Me?

If cost is the sole motivating factor in your upcoming tablet purchase, then the Nook HD is the right choice to make. If, however, you’re looking for access to free online streaming content through your existing subscriptions, then the Kindle Fire HD holds a slight advantage. You can also reduce the overall cost of the Kindle by allowing special offers to stream to you, further adding value to the product and making the choice even more competitive.

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