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Jobs and Careers for ENTJ Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for ENTJ Personality Profile

Leading others through confidence and communication is exactly what the person with the ENTJ personality profile will excel in. This group speaks their mind, likes organization and plans for everything. Through socialization, they are able to make strides in their career and they are able to make decisions quickly that often lead to promotions. This group wants to lead and does so instinctively. Understanding the ideas and emotions of others is just another reason that this group fits into the role of a leader with ease.

Business Owners

When the ENTJ personality owns a business, they often feel as if they have finally found their true calling. This group is able to express their thoughts even when they may hurt another person’s feelings. They are natural born leaders and they are able to react quickly, which is a much desired trait for a business owner. With the knack of being able to organize and plan, the motivated person can truly turn their business into a profitable career.


Lawyers often work on their own and will need to lead clients along their cases. With confidence and the ability to communicate, clients will feel comfortable and winning cases will be much easier. With the ability to speak their mind and plan out every last detail of a hearing, the person that chooses to be a lawyer will find great success. The ability to understand their client’s emotional state and thought process is just another huge benefit for the ENTJ profile.


Leading with confidence and being able to plan adequately is great for a professor. They will be able to move forward with confidence and communicate material in a way that is concise and easily understood. Being able to speak freely, new ideas are able to be expressed and topics debated to further stir the mind of intellectuals. Quick thoughts allow them to answer a student’s questions quickly and accurately.

Software Developer

The ENTJ personality excels greatly at software development due to their organizational skills and planning. Half the battle in software development is figuring out what went wrong and what paths to take to produce the algorithm needed. When functionality needs to be incorporated into the software, it will often be in the plan and ready to go. Quick decisions allow for errors to be handled quickly. Leadership and confidence help the software developer to feel comfortable with their decisions and express when a feature or idea is simply unrealistic.

Education and Income Impact

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