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Jobs and Careers for ENFJ Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for ENFJ Personality Profile

Making others happy and always being interested are two of the strongest traits of the ENFJ profile. These individuals often want others to lend them praise and are organizational experts. Often neglecting their own happiness, this profile will find friends in many places, listen attentively and are genuinely caring. A large network of friends helps greatly in their careers and a lack of self-credit often leads to approval seeking.

Human Resources Manager

The ideal human resources manager is one that listens to the employees that they govern and are interested in making the right decisions. This falls perfectly into the personality of the ENFJ profile. Listening to complaints or concerns is second nature as this group really cares what others have to say. While self-credit may be lacking, this allows this group to be exceptionally good at striving to be better and make others even happier.

Sales Representative

The honest sales rep is one that is of the ENFJ personality. They want to be able to make sales, but the happiness of the buyer is always a thought in their mind. With their ability to stay interested and their genuinely happy attitude, they are often able to land more sales despite their honesty. Friendliness ensures that customers are always willing to listen and truly want to be friends. When all of these traits are taken advantage of, sales will be made repeatedly.

Social Worker

Social workers have no other option but to listen to their clients. They have to be truly interested in what they say and be able to organize these thoughts quickly. Being friendly and happy allows those in this profile to let go of the day’s cases and let the social worker maintain a healthy life as a result. Being able to make friends easily means that many cases end with continual follow ups. The yearning to make others happy will find the ENFJ personality getting promotions and praises frequently as a social worker.


The caring, organized teacher is the one with happy students that always find their work graded well because they understand the subject matter. Organizing ensures workloads are also efficient and that students are able to maximize the learning process. Listening to complaints or concerns of students will further enhance these teacher’s chances of making students happy at all times. With an innate need to make sure students are happy, these approval-seeking teachers will do all they can to ensure their students pass with flying colors.

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