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Increasing Organic Google Rankings with Quality Content


Every website owner or business owner would want to have tons of organic traffic. The unfortunate reality is that organic traffic is rare. Posting an ad on Google and getting some traffic from there is relatively easy. However, you need organic traffic if your business relies on online activity or online sales, lead generation and customer engagement. The most obvious way to generate organic traffic is search engine optimization that will rank a website or webpage high enough for Google to place the link on the first few pages. The other methods of generating organic traffic are through social networks, social media, referral links and back links.

Getting the Traffic You Want and Deserve

No matter what method you use or what medium you rely upon, you will need killer content to drive lots of organic traffic. Now, what is killer content?

Killer content is unique. There can be hundreds of authors writing about herbal remedies for the same ailment but the author who writes the most unique content will get an edge. There is no dearth of information online and it is difficult to offer something new. But those that offer a new perspective or have an original voice that is relevant will always come up with killer content. The term unique has been overused in recent years, so is the case with the term originality. For a piece of content to qualify as killer content, it has to be truly unique.

1. There are three technical elements that your content needs to have for it to drive lots of organic traffic. It should be optimized for multiple keywords. Targeting one keyword is passé. Going overboard with one or two keywords is futile. What you need is a set of keywords and target them all, albeit organically. You also need to target long tail keywords. You must have sentences or phrases that people use while initiating searches and not just the keyword.

2. The second element is quality back-links. If your content has good quality back links from sites that are popular or which get a lot of traffic, then your content would surely get the deserved attention. Without quality back links, contents cannot get the much needed traction.

3. The third element is relevance. Content that becomes old or outdated is redundant. Your content should be developed in a manner that it remains evergreen and it should be updated as and when needed to maintain relevance.

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