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Importance of Good Customer Service Skills in Social Media


Social Customer Service

The social customer service plays a vital role in order to allow every individual to make let their voices be heard. Most business industries use social media for the purpose of customer service, marketing and promotion. The social customer service will allow a business industry to have an idea of what their customers are thinking of and they also provide their customers with ease of social interaction. The social customer service will provide you with excellent service and better results compared to their other competitors. The customer service is not all about complaints, but instead promoting a positive feedback to their customers.

1. 71 percent of customers that are experiencing an effective and quick brand response on the social media will surely recommend that brand to other consumers and 19 percent of the customers who did not receive any response from their customer service provider won’t.

2. Consumers aged 18 to 29 years old and above will use a social customer service site for the purpose of customer service interactions that rate for about 43 percent and for the marketing that has a percentage of 23 percent.

3. When a company responds to their social customer service request with the use of a social media site, those customers will have to spend 20 percent to 40 percent with the company.

4. The brand advocates will drive for about 33 percent in sales and 18 percent of their regular customers.

5. The average number of social customer will tell about their good customer experience and also an average number of social customers will also share some bad customer experience.

6. 36 percent of consumers will make a customer service inquiry with the use of social customer service and the issue is solved effectively in a short period of time.

7. 40 percent of unresolved concerns and customer complaints are through social media phone calls.

8. 73 percent of top companies identified social customer service as one of the reasons in order to invest in social
media monitoring.

9. 32 percent of social media customers will expect a positive response for about 30 minutes and 42 percent will expect a response for about an hour.

10. 85 percent of the frequently asked questions in the brand pages especially on Facebook have increased its rate each year.

11. In year 2011, the brands improved their social customer service response percentage on Facebook for about 5 percent and in year 2013, it increased to 62 percent.

12. 7.5 percent is the superior gains of the social media customer support from most companies each year.

Qualities Involved

Social customer service has the following exceptional qualities:

• They respond quickly.
• They have a sense of humor.
• They transform the complaints into opportunities.
• They are good listeners.
• They are specific.

Social customer service is the key component that suits any business customer service strategy. In order to provide an excellent social customer service, you just need to follow the simple principles and rest assured that you will give your customers the best kind of service and also build an avenue for good relationships with your social media followers.

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