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Ideal Blog Post Length and First Blog Post Example Template


Crafting an effective B2B (Business to Business) blog post doesn’t have to be difficult. There are five main components to any well composed blog post.

A Killer Headline

It’s the first thing people see, and if it isn’t good, it will be the only thing people see. Make it count. There are two schools of thought when it comes to headline creation. One is to be extra creative with heavy use of alliteration, puns and a cryptic style. The other is straight to the point and literal. The best style really depends on your target audience and their expectations. Find a good balance between these methods. But if you have to choose, most people prefer headlines that just makes it clear what it is about.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Divide your blog content into short and meaningful sections. A reader who quickly reads the subheadings should get an overall idea of the key points in the blog post. Keep your paragraphs short and punchy. Don’t use lots of fluff words. Keep the text to the point. A good rule of thumb is to keep the number of words below 600 for a typical blog post.

Visual Presence

The reader’s attention will naturally wander around the page. Keep the reader focused with the use of striking photos, graphics and videos. This nicely breaks up the blocks of text, while instilling curiosity in the reader.

Sharing Buttons

With the immense popularity and usage of social media sites, having quick ways of sharing your blog post is essential. Facebook and Twitter is the first place many people check when they go online and that is where they do most of their interactions. Don’t force your users to manually copying links and sharing your content. Setup buttons for email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other relevant social networks.

Make a call to Action

What is the aim of your blog post?

You need to be able to concisely answer this question to effectively close out the post. Are you promoting a new product or service? Or maybe organizing an event? Whatever message you are trying to get across, make sure the reader understands what action you would like them to take. This could be as simple as sharing the post, signing up for updates, or just asking for their opinion on the post topic.

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