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101 Positive I Am Worthy Affirmations

Here are 101 positive affirmations for you to say to yourself or to give a friend each day to help block negative thoughts and express that you are indeed worthy.

#1 I expect only the best for myself.

#2 I am worthy, precisely as I am.

#3 Past mistakes mean nothing. I still am, and always have been, worthy and valuable.

#4 I hold great power because I know my worth.

#5 I forgive myself for any previous doubt I held about my worth.

#6 My birthright is an immense power matched with a generous heart.

#7 I have healthy boundaries.

#8 I am valuable, and there is no need for external validation.

#9 Nothing can sway my self-confidence. I know who I am.

#10 Like an eagle, I glide through the skies: proud, regal, and peaceful.

#11 I was granted worthiness the day I was born. Nobody can take that.

#12 I look into my own eyes and understand the immeasurable value of a human soul.

#13 I let love mend the wounds that made me forget my true worth.

#14 I forgive myself for the times I misunderstood how valuable I really am.

#15 I never wait for others to provide approval of me. I am worthy as I am.

#16 I let the world see me: glorious and imperfect.

#17 It is an honor to be me. I do not wish to be any other.

#18 I have boundaries that remind others I value myself.

#19 There is nothing to prove.

#20 I accept help, gifts and acts of love.

#21 I say “yes” to things that feel good to me. I am allowed to enjoy life.

#22 I feel comfortable in my skin, right now, and precisely how I am.

#23 I treat myself regularly to whatever brings me joy.

#24 My being is perfect; I release any old thoughts that ever doubted this.

#25 I am bravely myself at all times.

#26 My boundaries with others are an act of self-love.

#27 I am worthy of happiness and peace.

#28 My worth is not quantifiable.

#29 I say “no” when that is right for me. I value myself.

#30 I forgive others who have doubted me. My worth never needed their validation.

#31 I may change in ways over time, yet my worth always remains the same.

#32 I listen to myself and value who I am.

#33 There is nobody else just like me. I let the world see my unique soul.

#34 I value myself, and others value me too.

#35 I do not hide who I truly am.

#36 I am proud of being me.

#37 I am strong and well supported. I allow others to show their love for me.

#38 I love and respect my body.

#39 I never doubt my worthiness, for I know it is my birthright.

#40 I clear shame and conditioning from others, and past experiences, to reveal my pure radiance.

#41 I am who I am. It is magnificent.

#42 I proudly declare myself to the world.

#43 I am one of a kind.

#44 I never dull my shine. I shine bright for all to see.

#45 I am seen. There is nothing more beautiful than a genuine soul.

#46 Fear has diminished as I now know my worth. It was always there.

#47 I believe in myself. I am capable and worthy of greatness.

#48 I accept good things that come my way.

#49 I am worthy of an exceptional life.

#50 I am worthy of great, unconditional love and blissful relationships.

#51 I do not need to prove my worth to others.

#52 I release those from my life who do not value me as I deserve.

#53 I make decisions that respect my worth.

#54 I make valuable contributions to the world.

#55 The world is a better place because I am here.

#56 I am well respected by others as I cherish and value myself.

#57 I appreciate all I receive, great and small, knowing I am more than deserving.

#58 I receive love openly.

#59 My strong inner worthiness opens my heart to unlimited love.

#60 I do not settle for second-best. I am worth more than that.

#61 I believe the positive things others say about me.

#62 I reflect on past accomplishments proudly.

#63 I have the resources, skills, and experience, matched by love and support.

#64 I am loved, needed, and a part of a bigger whole.

#65 My existence is a valuable contribution to the world.

#66 I make people smile.

#67 I bring humor, happiness, and endless love to this universe.

#68 My authenticity makes me special and unique; it is simply who I am.

#69 No matter what has come before, I am worthy. Nothing could ever change that.

#70 I share my wisdom with the world.

#71 I am knowledgeable and clever. I make valuable contributions.

#72 I provide great love and nurturing and experience the same in return.

#73 My unique soul is an expression of great beauty.

#74 My presence is sacred and felt by others.

#75 I am fun and playful.

#76 I choose love.

#77 I love myself unconditionally — all versions of me, past and present.

#78 I am worthy to receive life, and my very existence is proof of that.

#79 I am worthy of respect.

#80 I am happy and know I deserve that.

#81 I am surrounded by good friends who understand my worth.

#82 I am worthy of fair treatment and will not tolerate any less.

#83 I deserve and accept lavish experiences.

#84 I look within for my sense of self-worth, not to other’s limited opinions.

#85 I am worthy of a beautiful relationship.

#86 Self-love gives me serenity.

#87 I am who I am, and I am at peace with that.

#88 I walk through today quietly strong, deeply knowing my intrinsic worth.

#89 I am worthy of warmth, love, and support from others.

#90 I accept acts of kindness, as I know I am deserving.

#91 I have values and beliefs which are just as important as everyone else’s.

#92 I nourish my body with good food and ample rest.

#93 I fill up my heart with love, with ease.

#94 I allow myself to love and be loved, as this is what I deserve.

#95 I regard myself as the most precious, rare gem.

#96 Excitement and adventure are part of my human experience.

#97 I deserve a great life and will not settle for less.

#98 My fulfillment is vital, and I always work towards my big dreams and goals.

#99 I deserve to be pampered and showered in love and happiness.

#100 I am worthy of great knowledge. I am always open to learning and expansion.

#101 I allow myself to experience pleasure and enjoyment.

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