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Humor and Health: The Healing Power of Laughter


Laugh Your Way to Health

It has often been said that laughter is the best medicine. In many surprising ways, this is totally true. Here, we will look at all the interesting ways laughter, on a daily basis, can benefit you, from reducing worry in your life, to controlling pain, helping to prevent heart problems, and more. Laughter is free, easy to do, and a fabulous way to help take control of your overall health. Curious about how? Read on to find out!

Less Pain and Stress

Believe it or not, the chemicals that the brain releases when we laugh can be up to 500% more effective at blocking pain than some pain medications. It has been shown that those who laugh more often seem to experience less pain following major surgery than those who do not. Evidence also suggests laughter can heighten the pain threshold. When you laugh for about a half hour each day, your risk of a heart attack decreases by that same amount: 500%. Speaking of heart health, did you know that laughing can increase blood flow to your heart by nearly a fourth? In some studies, laughter has even been shown to help those with sleep issues sleep better at night.

Better Health

Did you know what about 1 minute of a very deep laugh can raise your heart beat to the same level as 10 minutes of intense cardio? Not only that, but you can burn about 50 hours just by laughing up to ¼ of an hour every day. That really adds up over time! Laughter can also help to boost your immune system by raising the numbers of immunoglobulin found in the blood, which helps to fend off illness. Clearly, laughter is great medicine for all kinds of things.

Lots More Benefits

There are also lots of other benefits to laughter. These include, but are not limited to, a slight energy boost without the crash of caffeine or sugar. Oxygen levels in the body rise when you are laughing. Not only that, but vital organs get a great whopping dose of oxygen each time you laugh. The best part is, laughter is free for everyone and anyone, no matter where they live. It can be used by anyone, no matter their age or health conditions, without fear of overdose or side effects. Laughter may truly be the top all-natural, naturally occurring miracle drug!

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