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Howard Stern’s Jackie Martling Net Worth

Howard Stern’s & Jackie Martling Career

Howard Stern is an American radio and television personality with a reputation of being outspoken and controversial. He hosted his own nationally syndicated radio program known as “The Howard Stern Show” which touched on a variety of topics, uncensored dialogue, and interviews.

Jackie Martling also known as “The Joke Man” is an American comedian, writer, and radio personality. He was a writer for “The Howard Stern Show” from 1983 to 2001. Their joint work during their time on radio earned them the following success.

Howard Stern Net Worth: $500 Million
Howard Stern Annual Salary: $95 Million

Jackie Martling Net Worth: $2 Million

The Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern began his radio career while attending Boston University and made his professional debut at WNTN in 1975. Stern worked at various radio stations before eventually landing in New York City at WXRK where he maintained his show for 20 years. He was repeated fined between 1986 and 2005 due to FCC violations totaling upwards of $2.5 million. This lead him to switch to Sirius radio in 2005 for the ability to exercise uncensored free speech outside the FCC’s grasp.

Jackie Martling started on “The Howard Stern Show” in 1983 after mailing his comedy albums to Howard Stern. He made a guest appearance which eventually lead to a full time cast member of the show in 1986. In 2001, he left the show due to his salary demands not being met. After being quoted by a newspaper as wanting to return, Stern claimed that he blew it when he walked off the show and that it was better to go their separate ways.

Martling did return to radio, joining Stern on Sirius on his own channel “Jackie’s Joke Hunt.” He can also be seen making guest appearances on Stern’s shows in the studio or by phone.

During their time together on “The Howard Stern Show”, peak audiences hit close to 20 million across 60 markets in both the United States and Canada. Howard Stern continues to work for Sirius and is the highest paid radio figure in the United States.

Professional Accomplishments

Howard Stern signed a $1 million contract with Simon & Schuster for publishing his first biographical book in 1993 titled “Private Parts.” Its first printing sold 225,000 copies within hours of going on sale becoming one of the fastest selling titles in Schuster’s history.

In 1995, Stern signed a $3 million deal to write his second book “Miss America” which encompassed his cybersex experiences on the Prodigy service, a private meeting with Michael Jackson, and his OCD. The book sold 33,000 copies the same day which set a new one day record with over 1.39 million copies sold by the year end.

A film adaption of the book “Private Parts” was released in 1997 with Howard Stern staring as himself. It topped the box office during its opening weekend, grossing $14.6 million. A total of $41.2 million was sold in movie tickets.

Howard Stern also serves as a judge on the hit NBC reality show “America’s Got Talent” where he brings in an additional annual $15 million.

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