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How to Become a Morning Person


Becoming A Morning Person And Resetting Your Natural Clock

Have you ever thought about changing your sleep patterns ? Maybe you had a night job or just went to bed really late which in turn made you sleep in quite late. Do you wake up after sleeping all day and think, where did the day go ?Studies show that people who wake up earlier are more optimistic, proactive and have less stress. Becoming a morning person has so many benefits.

Here are some suggestions to changing your sleep patterns and enjoying the morning with the sounds of the waking song with nature. First take out all electronics from your room and that includes your cell phone which produces radio waves. Your last hour before sleep turn off the tube. Take a warm shower or draw yourself a bath. Relish in the beauty of having some alone time, which is very sacred to your soul & spirit. This sacred time is rejuvenating, replenishing and nourishing to one’s being. Find a good book, get comfortable in your bed and crack the window open for the morning tunes of natures sweet songs.

Lastly right before you fall into slumber here is a tip. Close your eyes lie there and pray about everything your grateful for, what your thankful for and feel your connection to creation. Send love to everyone you love and to all the places on the planet that need some extra love. This is kind of a little meditation in one’s own way. Then right before you fall asleep ask your body to wake up at a certain time then watch what happens.

Overtime your biochemistry starts to change. When you start listening to your body and giving it love your body starts listening to you. All your cells and atoms start to rearrange, reactivate and your body fully restores. It’s like your setting a reset button.

Over a few days you naturally start to feel so good inside, very refreshed and your heart becomes harmonious. You are now in tune with life’s biological clock. When you rise and shine give yourself love, thank your body and sip on your favorite cup of tea. You are on the right path. When you help yourself you help the world. Creating peace and love one person at at time.

A few pointers after your ready for the day is to enjoy an activity that you love the first 30 minutes or so. Go for a walk, garden, or just choose an exercise you love. Have yourself a healthy and wonderful breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Then head out to the wondrous world that we are a a part of. Becoming a morning person can truly change your life for the better, it’s nature which you are a part of. Have yourself a magnificent day. Cheers.

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