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How to Use Persuasion to Land Your Dream Job


Become an Effective Communicator

All the communication advances in technology won’t help you land a job unless you-yourself, are an effective communication device. All the old-fashioned things you were supposed to do to help land a job before the days of fancy resumes and great web presentations still matter, starting with sincerity. We’re told not be selfish, but there’s a difference between not taking a job because you think you’re too wonderful for work and taking a job you know you’ll hate just because it’s not right to be a freeloader and it’s the first job offered.

At least 20% of employers say they can’t find the right people because the people who apply need to have these specific skills: they need to be motivated, they need to be able to engage in conversation with others, be flexible, punctual and professional-looking. None of these skills have much to do with technology, although too much time looking at screens and not enough time socializing face to face can certainly weaken interpersonal skills.

How Your Image Looks to Others

Your professional image starts with how you look. You got in the door, so you need to be as good as your good resume said you were. Look people in the eye, but don’t stare. Use a firm hand shake and positive Body language that embellishes your appearance. Draw subtle attention to your best appearance. Dress professionally but not flashy. You want to express respect AND confidence; and make sure you smell nice, but never over-powering. Even too much deodorant can be a deal breaker.

Don’t embellish what you can’t back up. Be yourself and be who you are. Don’t make yourself look bigger than you are. If you’re certain you can deliver a 30 percent increase in closed sales, promise 20 percent. Most people promise 40 percent when they think they can deliver 30 percent. All that does is either make you look incompetent, or even worse, it makes you look like a liar.

Make Your Social Media Work For You

Tone down your social media pages so they are not inflammatory or threatening. Over 90 percent of employers screen social media pages when considering who to interview and almost half will screen yours again after they’ve accepted your application. Examples of positive things companies look for on your social media will be things such as personal accomplishments and positive posts that are creative. While you need to be cautious with your Facebook page, remember that it also offers an excellent opportunity to sell yourself as the real you.

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