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How to Think Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is arguably the biggest innovators of our times. There is some debate as to whether or not he is the best entrepreneur of the last fifty years but his leadership and innovation hardly has a parallel.

The below infographic lists 9 life lessons from Steve Jobs to keep you inspired and thinking creatively.

Lessons from Steve Jobs

The Impact of Steve Jobs

Hailed as a maverick, a wizard and a miracle in many ways, Steve Jobs has not lived a life that one would envision for oneself. He wasn’t the poster boy of wisdom all his life. In hindsight, there are many incidents, phases and decisions of his life that one rational man or woman may not endorse and should not but that is how it is with great men and women. They seldom tread the path that has been laid out there for all. They take a new route to success, they figure out a new mantra to prosperity and they find new meanings of life.

The slideshow, titled Think Different Like Steve Jobs About Leadership And Innovation, is actually a study of his life. The founder of Apple had numerous traits for which he is the role model of millions of people around the world. There are many billionaires across the globe but not many have a cult like fan following as Steve Jobs. What is it that makes him different from other wealthy entrepreneurs? What makes Steve stand out from his own peers and competitors? Among everything else, it is his leadership and innovation.

Steve had never been an easy man to work with. People struggled with him. He would always have his way and his approach had to be accommodated. But that is precisely where great men differ from ordinary aspirations. When one is sure of what he wants and he is able to chart out a path to that eventuality, swaying him to another path would not just be counterproductive but regressive.

Steve had this penchant to lead from the front, to bring together people who craved for excellence and who wanted to make a difference in the world. Good musicians can compose good music but great musicians take music to another level. That is what Steve Jobs and his team did. They didn’t just create amazingly innovative products exploring all available technology but they took technology itself to an unprecedented level.

Steve had designed a laptop twenty five years before the first laptop came to the stores. It speaks a lot about the man, his leadership, innovation and ambition.

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