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25 Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

More couples are seeking for ways to break the ties, moving away from traditional wedding invitations. The wording used on the invitation are largely dependent on who the wedding host is and where the wedding will be held. No matter how formal or casual your invitation is intended to be, basic information related to the special event must be included. A selection of informal wedding invitation wording ideas will help to inspire your creativity when it comes to establishing your own unique display.

[name] and [name] are trying the knot. We would love for you to come and join us in celebration of our day.

[name] and [name] are tying the knot. Please join us as we take our vows and dance the night away.

[name] and [name] invite you to climb aboard our wedding cruise as the yacht [name and date] leaves port promptly at [time].

[name] and [name] invite you to share the joy of their marriage.

A picture perfect wedding isn’t caught on film, it’s captured in the heart. Please join us as we celerbate with heartfelt joy, our wedding day.

As unique as the seashell as deep as the sea. As eternal as the waves our love is meanty to be. It is with joy that we, [name] and [name] invite you to share in our happiness.

Because you have shared in our lives by your friendship and live, we [name] and [name] together with our parents, invite you to share the beginning of our new life together.

Boy meets girl. For the rest of the story, join us as [name] and [name] celebrate their commitment.

Dreaming of what is yet to be, is more fun when you’re with me. Please join us as [name] and [name] follow their dreams together in marriage.

Friends forever we’ll always be as we join together in harmony. [name] and [name] invite you to join the celebrate as they tie the knot.

He knew he loved her, it was something he couldn’t hide. So he asked her to marry, she said, “Yes, I’ll be your bride.” You are invited to witness the continuing romance as [name] and [name] are married.

Isn’t love grand? Please join us as we stand to say, “I do.”

Join us for their love store… [name] and [name] will be pronounced husband and wife.

Life is so much more fun when you share it with someone. [name] and [name] invite you to join the celebration as they tie the knot.

Love is in the air, we make a great pair. You are invited to attend the wedding affair of [name] and [name].

Of all the joys of a long happy life, there’s none so precious as the love between husband and wife. Please join us on [date] at [location] to observe the marriage of [name] and [name].

On our special wedding day, how happy we will be. What lies ahead for us, we can’t wait to see. You are invited to attend the wedding celebration of [name] and [name].

Please join [name] and [name] as they exchange their marriage vows.

Please share in our joy at the marriage of our daughter [name] to [name].

Together with their families [name] and [name] invite you to join them in celebration of their marriage.

Together with their parents [name] and [name] invite you to celebrate tehir marriage.

We joyfully invite you to your wedding celebration. On this day, we will marry the one we laugh with, live for, dream with, and love.

You don’t need a ticket or an advanced reservation, just make waves to our wedding celebration.

Your love and friendship has helped us become who we are. [name] and [name] invite you to share in joy an love as best friends become husband and wife.

You’re invited to the marriage of [name] and [name]. We hope you will join us and celebrate our union.

Wedding invitations should be ordered out 4-6 months in advance and sent 6-12 weeks before the wedding. The save the date card is sent anywhere from 3 to 12 months before the wedding following a bridal shower a month before. The rehearsal dinner is held 4 weeks before the wedding after the wedding invitations are sent out. The below infographic outlines traditional wedding invitation etiquette.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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