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How to Submit a Guest Blog

How to Submit a Guest Blog

4 Steps to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging provides you with the opportunity to link and brand build as part of your online marketing strategy. By representing yourself as an industry specialist, you’ll spread company awareness, promote your name, and increase your search engine rankings through your blogging contributions. In exchange for your content, you receive credit via a hyperlink, publicity, or both. Here is an outline of four steps to follow throughout your quest to become a guest blogger.

1. Do Research

Search blogging opportunities with advanced search queries for terms such as “guest blogging,” “guest bloggers,” “write for us,” or “contribute.” You can also visit “bloggerlinkup.com” as a way for guest bloggers and webmasters to meet or join the community at “myblogguest.com.”

2. Get Prepared

Follow these five simple steps to get prepared for guest blogging.

Make your work presentable.
When sending content to the site owner, make sure it is grammatically correct and includes all links. If you are using Microsoft Word, be sure to save it as a .doc file for those who may not have updated their software.

Use heading tags to separate topics.
Be sure to separate topics in your article using proper H1 and H2 tags to make it easy on the eyes.

Provide relevant images.
It is mostly a courtesy, but some webmasters prefer you to provide images. If you do not have any, go to Flickr and search, making sure to give the owner credit.

Make sure the content followers webmaster guidelines.
Not following rules is a good way to get your post denied. Read the rules on their guest blogging page and use the industry standard of 400 words, 2 links, not promotional, and on topic.

Include an internal link for the webmaster in your article.
Show that you care by providing a link to their blog in one of your post.

3. Outreach

Use plugins such as Rapportive for Gmail that provide you with important information about your contacts so you are aware of who you are talking to before you click send. Boomerang can also be used to remind you in the future when an email has not been responded to. Here are some ways to increase your response rate.

• Women have a better response rate than man.
• Approach the individual as an in house employee or freelancer.
• Use proactive terms and be direct to save time.
• Add a personal touch, do not be a robot.

4. Managing Projects

You can use tools such as Excel or Google Docs to keep organized while allowing multi-user collaboration. Some example column headings to use in your spreadsheet are client, keyword, target URL, project, status, submitted to, webmaster contact, webmaster name, article title, published date, and live URL. Utilize conditional formatting on the “status” column to color cells for current status.

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