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How to Stimulate Entrepreneurial Spirit

Keep Smiling

Benefits and Drawback Of Running A Small Business

Why are small business owners smiling? Most of them are super busy and you would think that would make them unhappy, but it doesn’t. Business owners have a lot of task at hand and how they handle them dictates the stress they may or may not have.


Seven out of ten business owners report that they are very happy with themselves. Most people 9 out of ten say working for them and not someone else makes them feel completely happy. A high 61% feel they are happier than their peers.

97% of business owners feel that they have accomplished something. They feel connected to their employees and customers. This makes them feel accomplished. They get the opportunity to donate to charities or volunteer. It isn’t stress free but worth it to most.

You would think being your own boss is great; you do get to set your own schedule and hours. However, with that comes managing budgets and cash flow, taking on responsibility and long hours and limited time off. 88% of small business owners admit they never stop thinking about their business.

39% of business owners put in more than 60 hours, and over half can’t separate their business from personal life.

So how can you be happy with your business life?

Know your expectations! If you get up in the morning thinking you’re going to have a bad day, you have most certainly set yourself up to have just that. The power of positive thinking doesn’t solve all your problems, but it does help you start your day on the right foot.

Plan and make priorities. Plan at your day set small steps and goals. Make sure the most important stuff gets done first.

Assume the best but plan for the worst. Any time you deal with clients or customers to deal with money you may come across problems, people start out with good intentions but may not follow through. Be prepared for those that don’t.

Make sure you take good care of yourself, many owners get so sidetracked taking care of everyone else they forget their own needs. Eat meals and take time to eat them, enjoy a sit down meal verses fast food all the time.

Sometimes the end result may not be what you expected but however it ends you got to close it and put it out of your mind. Worrying over what you did or didn’t do. Focus on your task at hand and make sure you stick to plans.

Anything that went wrong works to fix it in the business endeavor. Owning your own business all and all has more rewards than you can think of. The balance of it all is what makes you successful or fail.

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