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How to SEO Your Blog Post


A blog is only an effective way to enhance your online presence if it is recognized by popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. When creating your blog, there are a few elements that you can add to ensure that increased visibility among search engines is achieved. Here are some key takeaways from this infographic.

1) A Title That Gains Attention.
Blog post titles are something that you have to devote a lot of thought and effort to. You need to create titles that really captivate your reading audience and have them excited about delving deeper into your blog content. Your content might be creative and unique, but you need a title that is just as powerful to suck in your readers. Don’t be boring with your title creation. Try to use your imagination and create titles designed to leave your readers wanting to know more. The only thing to avoid with title creation for your blog is being a little too clever and confusing search engines. Simply focus on titles that will answer prominent Google searches within your niche market.

2) Stay On Track.
Readers of your blog are looking for information that is relevant and makes sense. This means that each blog post needs to focus on one core idea. You need to try and stay on target without getting sidetracked with your content. Having one core idea per post really is the best way to go. Readers will be able to follow your train of thought and get much more useful information.

3) Make Your First Sentences Stand Out.
You really need to try and reel in readers of your blog with the first few sentences of each post. You only have a few select words to really make an impression and captivate your audience. This means that you need to make the first few sentences count. After just a few sentences, you will either have your readers hooked or lose them for good.

4) Question and Answers Are SEO Friendly.
If you really want to make your blog more SEO friendly and visible to search engines, it might be a god idea to create a few posts dedicated to questions and answers. Latest algorithm showed that this type of blog content is seen as meaningful to search engines and is what many online users are looking for when searching for content.

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