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How to Remove Photos from Facebook and Google


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Although you might not be aware of it, embarrassing photos online is a huge issue in today’s society. It can lead to disciplinary action at work, remaining unemployed for a long time, or just being embarrassed. Clearly, the best method of prevention is to be careful who you associate with on social media and to never take possible compromising photos. But since we cannot always do this, we must sometimes do our best to get embarrassing photos removed. Here is how to do it for a variety of social media networks.


The first thing to do on Facebook is to be sure the picture in question is not tagged. Next, report the picture. If you know the person who has posted it, ask them to take it down. Head on over the the Help forums and see if anyone there has any further advice. If you do not know the person, email the people at [email protected] If you own the copyright to an image, submit a form called the Intellectual Property Infringement Form, found on the Facebook webpage. Or you can complain by also filling out a Terms Violation Reporting Form.


Instagram is all about pictures, so, as you can imagine, some pretty embarrassing photos might make their way there. Luckily, getting rid of embarrassing content on Instagram is pretty quick and easy. The first thing to do on Instagram is to be sure no one on your profile can see the photo in question. Click the “Hide from My Profile,” button. Next, head on over to the More Options tab, and remove yourself from the picture. Then, go ahead and report the picture as something that is inappropriate. Just click the button that is clearly labeled to do this.


Twitter takes cyberbullying and embarrassing images seriously. To get a picture or post removed, all you have to do is go to the URL support.twitter.com/forms/abusiveuser. You will find a list of options on the page. Just select whichever seems to apply to the current situation that you find yourself in. A form will pop up. Fill it out as best you can and submit it when you are done. If you have any other issues or concerns, feel free to contact Twitter Support directly via email. You can also unfollow a user to quit seeing them, or just block them.

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