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How to Raise Happy Kids


Raising kids is not science but there is a scientific approach of raising happy kids. As with most things, there is a rational explanation to why some kids are happier than others while growing up. Kids undergo several psychological transformations as they grow up. There is a certain development during their infancy or preschool years, then through their primary and secondary schooling, teenage and eventually puberty. Raising happy kids require a concerted effort from both parents and it is this effort that can be summed up as the science.

Nurturing the kids with love and care is one of the basic requisites to raise happy kids. When moms spend time with their kids, dads listen to their kids and both parents indulge in some quality time with their kids, the kids naturally become more optimistic, more loved and they are much more satisfied with their lives. Kids need to be cared for but more importantly they must be made to realize that they are loved and cared for. Kids can easily feel alienated, left behind or become distant if they are not paid attention to and the attention cannot be given at times. It has to be a perennial practice.

In The Science Of Raising Happy Kids, you will also explore how happy parents can play a pivotal role in raising happy kids. Parents who are happy with their lives, love each other and the house is a place for one happy family would always provide the foundation for happy kids. It is not important for parents to be very well educated or earn very handsomely to raise happy kids. It is just the interaction of the parents with their kids that can make all the difference. For instance, a dad listening to his kids is more important than a dad buying fancy toys to make up for lost time. A mom not reprimanding kids for their inabilities but praising them for their efforts is more desirable and conducive to raising happy kids.

Likewise, there are numerous other elements which can affect positively or negatively the grooming of kids. Until the teenage years, kids are often a blank slate and whatever impression parents leave on the kids’ minds would have a long lasting effect. Explore the info-graphic and get all the guide, tips and tricks that you need to endorse and practice to raise happy kids.

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