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How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

A Guide to Twitter for Business

Twitter has 140 million active users that tweet, listen, share, and connect. As a business, you can enter this social site and take a lead in creating a brand for your business. Here is a simple guide that outlines to tips to follow when using Twitter for business.

What to Tweet?

• Things you are doing, seeing, or going to.
• Thought leadership.
• Company performance updates.
• Create corporate social responsibility.
• Employee recognition.
• Add a bit about your interests to show your human side,
• Add photos, videos, or news links.

10 Ways to Create Authenticity

1. Make a plan and stick to it.
2. Define your audience.
3. Set up a profile.
4. Be interesting.
5. Using Hashtags.
6. Use a link shortener such as bit.ly.
7. Stick to using 110 characters.
8. Engage people, do not broadcast.
9. Be Consistent.
10. Be Constant.

The best time to tweet is generally between 1pm and 3pm on Monday to Thursday to increase your abilities for exposure. Consider when your target audience would normally be on Twitter and how it fits into your day. You can incorporate apps or get help from others to make sure you are tweeting and being active on your page on a consistent basis.

How to Avoid Hacking

Using a tricky password and a pin on your device will help to decrease your risks of being hacked. Sign in via Twitter or app online and beware of spam such as, “I saw this photo of you.”

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