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How to Perfectly Hang Canvas Art on Walls


How To Hang Artwork Perfectly Every Time

Do you get tired of having the artwork on your wall always be slightly crooked? Wouldn’t it be nice to hang a nice piece of artwork and have it remain level? With the right tools and a little preparation, that’s exactly what you can do every single time you want to hang artwork on your walls. Why have blank, impersonal walls because you’re tired of having to fix something that is slightly crooked all the time?

Here’s what you’re going to need:
• a hammer,
• a drill or screwdriver,
• a measuring tape,
• a level,
• a pencil.

Where Do You Start?

The concept of your artwork should be the first thing that you consider. Colors should compliment each other and be reflective of the mood you want your room to convey. If you’re looking to create a relaxed mood, for example, you won’t want to hang artwork filled with oranges and yellows. You’d want to choose blues and greens instead.

The level at which you hang your artwork is also important. Your artwork should hang on the wall at eye level so that people don’t feel like they need to strain their necks up or down in order to really appreciate the art you’ve chosen. Keep the size of the artwork proportional to the size of the room, balance it with the other colors of the room, and take extra time to make sure each item is level and spaced perfectly apart.

Which Artwork Hanging Style Do You Prefer?

There’s a number of different ways to hang artwork on the wall. Some people prefer a very haphazard and casualist method where they just hang artwork up wherever they feel it looks nice. Other people prefer a grid of similar frames and artwork styles that come together in grid pattern. Others use a more Bohemian method that is similar to the grid patterning, but uses frames of different styles and textures to add variety and depth to a wall. You may even prefer the gallery method where everything is lined up, perfectly level, and perfectly spaced.

Whatever your preference happens to be, just do your best to stick with that type of artwork hanging style so that your walls have a level of consistency. Unless you don’t want to have that consistency, that is!

Are You Ready To Go Hang Some Artwork?

If you’ve got heavy artwork, you may need to anchor that item to a study or with drywall anchors to safely keep that piece of art on the wall. Otherwise, use these tools and tips to create the perfect wall space that reflects what you love about art today so that your walls can be happy.

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