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Cure for Overcoming Writer’s Block


Overcome That Terrible Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to every writer at some point in their career. Maybe it’s because they’ve gotten bored of the subject they’re writing about or maybe it’s because there are too many distractions – the causes of writer’s block are countless. A bad case of writer’s block can mean missed deadlines, a stalled career, or even the ultimate destruction: the decision to no longer being a writer.

It’s been said that writing about writer’s block is better than no writing at all, so here are some ways that you can start overcoming that block and get back to your creativity:

Go take a walk.
Sometimes you’ve just got to get up from writing and choose to do something else. People who walk just 15 minutes per day are found to have an overall better cognitive development than those who don’t walk at all. Focusing on something else for awhile just might give you the answers you’ve been seeking on that writing project. If you can manage to walk more than 18 miles in a week, you can even prevent memory loss! Walking somewhere is much better than sitting at a computer, twiddling your thumbs.

Be productive in some other way.
Creative people always get blocked somewhere. The trick is to continue to be creative in another avenue besides writing. If you are also musically inclined, try working on a new composition on your preferred instrument for awhile. Talk to people about some of the previous work you might have done. When all else fails, try washing some dishes are vacuuming the carpet for awhile. Anything is better than sitting at a computer, twiddling your thumbs.

Write down something… anything!
What did you just have for dinner? Could you describe it in a very descriptive way? Or what did it feel like to fall in love for the first time with your significant other? Sometimes to get the writing mechanism to flow again, we just need to write something that is familiar to us. An ode to the macaroni and cheese that you ate from the box is still better than sitting at a computer, twiddling your thumbs.

Get out of your comfort zone.
Sometimes writer’s block occurs because you’ve been writing about the same subject over… and over… and over… and over again. If this has happened to you, then challenge yourself with a subject that is completely unfamiliar to you. Research it, develop a different perspective on it, and then attempt to convey that subject to others who are as unfamiliar with it as you were when you first started the process of research.

Whether you write original salescopy on a daily basis for your organization or you’re working on your fourth novel, writer’s block can strike at any time. It doesn’t have to get in your way of being successful with your writing ventures, however, if you are proactive about defeating it. It may sometimes feel like you’re forcing material out of your brain and through your fingers, but sometimes that’s what it takes to oil the writing mechanism. What could you do today to defeat your writer’s block?

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