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How to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Market Your Business

Are you making money with Pinterest? If you said yes good for you but it is very likely that you are not using Pinterest. It’s okay because many people are missing out on this untapped possibility. There are some very good reasons why you should be using Pinterest. Understanding why you need to use Pinterest and how to use it can help with your conversions.

  • 1/3 rd of women that are online use Pinterest.
  • About 8% of men that are online use Pinterest.
  • When customers are converted from Pinterest they spend more money than any other social media conversion.
  • Pinterest works without you. 70% of brand generation comes from Pinterest users not from the brand itself.
  • 80% of pins are actually repins which is evidence that going viral on Pinterest is organic.

The Grid

There are 4 mindsets when it comes to Pinterest.

  • Just looking
  • Maybe I can
  • I am making a decision
  • I know what I want

Unlike other venues Pinterest works solely on emotion. There is not a lot of thinking that goes into repining, basically if someone likes what they see they re-pin it. Simple.

Take Advantage

You can take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer by using one of the following.

1. Using bright interesting colors. Studies have shown that pins that have multiple vibrant colors are pinned 3x’s more than pins with single vibrant colors.
2. Don’t use human faces. Pins that do not have human faces are repined up to 23% more than pins that have human faces.
3. Use a background that is spare. Backgrounds that are spare are repined 40% more.
4. Use brown, orange and red. Orange, red and brown in the pins get more attention than any other color combination.
5. Taller images get pinned more often.
6. Follow other people, add pins consistently, have multiple boards. These aforementioned are the three most important factors to getting re-pinned more often.
7. Pin food, Pin drinks. Drinks and food are the pins that are appealing to both men and women.
8. DIY crafts, how to’s and home décor are close to the top of the best categories to pin. Avoid tattoos, history and technology because they are the lowest categories that are viewed and pinned.
9. Best times to pin are from 2pm to 4pm and 8pm to 1am.
10. Maintain moderate color and lighting which are the best ways to attract people to your pins.

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