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How to Make a High Converting B2B Landing Page


Create A Successful B2b Landing Page

A B2B (Business to Business) landing page is important to accomplish, the amount of sales for a B2B is much greater for most businesses than a B2C (Business to Customer). It is important to have a successful landing page for these B2B transactions to promote better sales and growth through the company’s website. This can be accomplished by creating a landing page that is focused, clear, appealing, useful and distraction free.

Approximately forty-four percent of B2B pages land on a home page. If each landing page is created to focus on a certain type of business it could be more profitable. A landing page should be focused on one goal targeted to one type of business consumer. If a landing page has many targets it can be distracting to some businesses and lead to less success in keeping attention. It could be more successful to have more than one landing page targeted at different businesses.

Designing the Landing Page

The next thing to consider is the design of the landing page. The design of the landing page should lead buyers to particular actions. It should keep the interest of reader and still be consistent with the website as a whole. Pictures included in the design are known to grab a reader’s attention when they are high quality and create a visual of the message that the page is creating. Videos in the design of a landing page can create a relationship with the viewer and lead them to feel more invested in the product or service.

Include Media

Pictures and videos included in a landing page can help to create a trust with the reader as well. Trust can be created by being clear about the product or service. It helps to create security for the consumer by adding features such as secure connections for private information needed to complete transactions. It can also be beneficial to include testimony from other customers and how they approve the product or service. This will help create trust with the business that will in turn keep them on the page and feel comfortable about their interactions with the page.

The B2B landing page doesn’t have to be perfect from the start it could take several times to improve or recreate the page. Most times it can be a matter of trial and error that leads to the best landing page. The landing page can always be improved and innovated at later times. It may take several changes or test pages to make sure the page targets and receives the most traffic and clicks possible to make it successful.

Keep Distraction Free

When creating a B2B landing page it should be important to make it distraction free by eliminating anything that does not lead the reader to the direct point. It may be necessary to delete links that could lead the reader away from page or to delete any social widgets that can be distracting. It is also important to be persuasive without being too commanding to the reader. Lead the reader with the right amount of color and highlighting to the value of the product or service. The experience should be pleasant and clear for the reader to be easily lead. This will help ensure the success of the landing page for your company or business.

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