How to Lower Bounce Rate on Ecommerce Sites


Keep in mind these important takeaways from the infographic above…

1) Next UP
If your page loads as it should and you end up getting a rising amount of abandoned carts before your visitors ever check out, it is very likely you suffer from poor or confusing product descriptions. Keep it simple. An informative copy will keep your visitors headed to the checkout. Saying something is “fantastic,” “awesome,” “great,” or the “best” is not a description of a product and should be avoided.

2) Customer Service
Consumers want things to go smoothly with the ecommerce sites they use. Pages should load quickly and products must be described straight forward and accurately with easy to locate customer service options. Costumer service systems that are confusing or difficult to get help from can easily chase away your customers. Make access to service operators easy.

3) Search Features
Check your search features regularly to make sure they are working as they should. Experiment with your current available features and see what is working and what is not working so you can make changes accordingly.

4) Lack of Trust
Getting a consumer to place trust in your site can be a huge barrier to overcome. Offering public testimonials and secure shopping features will help to bridge the gap.

5) Out of Stock Products
Keep your stock up to date. One of the key reasons people leave your site and do not come back is due to a lack of available stock. Uncertainty towards your return exchange and shipping policy may also place barriers between the customer and yourself. Keep your policies simple and easy to locate.

6) Keep the Ads Down
Keep the ads and offers to a minimum because it can turn people off to your site if they have to deal with to many pop ups and special offers.